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Circle dK photography + web design. Dylan King bio/about. Based out of New Jersey, New York, Montana, and Wyoming. Photography and web design for businesses and individuals.


dylan king

Navigation.... Currently based in the west (WY), grew up in the east (NJ), and went to college on the west coast (CA).

Basics.... You're just as likely to find me riding a horse, behind a camera, or on a computer. Cowboy, photographer, techie... More or less sums me up (it's less, but you get the idea).

Details... When I'm not building websites, or taking photos, I'm working on a ranch in Jackson, WY.

TMI/TLDR... In addition to the Basics... I'm also a writer, dreamer, snowboarder, baker, traveler, builder, hiker, country dancer, listener, talker, movie lover, kayaker, archer, powersport driver, quote knower,  laugh maker (you'd hate it), and well... a lot more. But hey, so are you.

What Matters... You want to hire me. For anything. Sounds cocky right? It's not... I joke around a lot, but I'm never genuinely cocky. Ask anyone I approve ahead of time. But really, I'm smart and I can figure anything out. Need a new website? I can do that. Want it to be current and professional? Check. Want it to make you stand out? Check. I work with you to figure out what it is that you want out of your website. Looking for engagement photo? Yup. Just a nice portrait of you and/or your family/friends? Got ya covered. What about stuff like real estate, and architecture? That too! Photos of your pets? Like you even have to ask... If you need something from a camera, or a nice clean website, or even just designs or slogans or... I'm your guy.