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Circle dK Web Design is about creating a site that connects you with your audience. Today people are looking at websites on all manner of devices and it is critical that the experience remain consistent, and high-quality regardless of the medium. Desktop and mobile websites are a thing of the past. I will build you a responsive website: one that adapts to the screen it is being viewed on to deliver a beautiful experience every time. Circle dK web will work with you to make your vision come to life. At the same time enabling you to update your own site in the future to keep your content current and engaging.

Connecting with your Audience

The world is constantly changing and more than ever businesses must adapt  to stay current. Websites used to be geared to computers or phones, desktop or mobile. That doesn't work anymore. People are looking at your business on devices with screens from 4" up to 27" and more. Your site needs to look amazing on all of them and not only look great, but perform.

Your website is as important as your store. It needs to be clean and polished and visually enticing. Today your website is your first impression. Before they see a beautiful building, or a smiling face, or hear a kind voice. You have to make a good one.


Your website should look beautiful on a computer


...and on a Phone


Knowing your Audience

Old sites are text heavy, and dense. They give too much information, and that can actually hurt you. Sites need to be quick, they need to be clean, and they need to be light. You want to say what you need in as few words as possible. People don't want your whole life story, they want to get an idea of your business before they commit to spending their money. There are places where you can go tell your story, but you have to pull them in, and not overwhelm them at the get go.

Visuals are more important than ever. Your site has to look modern, while still being true to your needs. What makes Circle dK different is that we can work with you on the web side as well as work to get you the stunning visual shots you need to make your site stand out. Portraits, products, commercial shots can all be done in house and incorporated into your site to give the truest and best portrayal of your business and what you have to offer.


delivering the same information

Screenshot (20).png

...just responding to how it's being viewed

What I Do

Whether you are down the road, or around the world. I work with you to build a website that you can be proud of, and that will get you traffic, to your site, and through your door. A great website can be the difference between someone walking in your door, or going a few further down to your competitor, and we can help to make sure that they choose you.

Using Squarespace as a jumping off point, I begin the process of taking what's in your head to what's on your screen. You will get a responsive site, one that adapts to fit whatever device it is being viewed on, and a site that, should you choose, you can update and make changes to on your own (though we do that too). 

I will set you up with your own custom domain, or transfer over to an existing one, set up custom email accounts at that domain and add any services your business would find useful from live chat to reservations and booking. 

What's more I will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the site and proud to show it off!

My fee begins at $500 for an elegant home page, and varies based on features and the number of pages.

To discuss your needs and learn more please visit the contact page and I'd be happy to help you.